Chariots of Fire – REIMAGINED

One of the most iconic scores in history is the one recorded by Greek electronic composer Vangelis Papathanassiou for the 1981 British film “Chariots of Fire”. The film is a sports drama that tells the story of two Jew Olympic athletes in 1924 who run to overcome prejudice and honor God in a time of complete intolerance for other religions. 

The plot of the movie is very heroic and has a “glorious” aspect to it which made it a challenge for Vangelis to compose a score with such an epic feel, however, he certainly did not disappoint.  

The main theme not only transmits a sense of heroism but it also has an underlying athletic aspect to it which only the mix between synthesizers and real instruments could provide. Because of this, this piece has become a flagship song to be used in commercials for athletic wear and promotions for sports events. 

Vangelis’ original theme is represented under the catalog of EMI Music Publishers LTD. and it is currently available for synchronization through them, however, it is extremely guarded as only a handful of scenes can stand up to the challenge of pairing smoothly with such an iconic score. 

This was certainly a challenge for the REIMAGINED team. Maintaining both the heroism and athletism of the scene as the song progresses and generates a buildup that makes the audience want to know more. 

For this REIMAGINED soundtrack, we have chosen a song made popular by The Killers in 2008. As the song is from the genre New Wave /  Synthpop, the same feelings are conveyed and because of its progression, the buildup of the scene remains. “Human” is currently under UMPG’s catalog and it was recorded for Island Records. 

Although the song has incredible lyrics that reference the pop culture dance movement which made it one of the hits of 2018 as it remained within the top 100 in most countries including the US and the UK, for the purposes of “Chariots of Fire” we decided to use the instrumental version of the recording. 

Without further due, we leave you with the REIMAGINED version of “Chariots of Fire”

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