This week, we have decided to change the music of a commercial of one of the most iconic brands of the US, Victoria’s Secret.

Check out the original commercial below:

The original song used in the commercial is C&c by Leikeli47. A rapper from Brooklyn who experiments with many types of production to come up with unique melodies and beats. She works under the RCA Label, a division of Sony Music and her following is growing fast.

We have estimated the cost of the song in the commercial based on the marketing budget for VS and also the position of Leikeli47 as a signed artist. We believe that a 45-second-commercial of the brand usually costs $1.4 million to shoot. Based on that, we calculate the cost of the music to be around 8% since the song is key to set the mood of the commercial. In this sense, the approximate cost of the song could be between $80 thousand and $120 thousand depending on many factors, including how much time the commercial would be running for.

In order to decrease the cost of production, we have reimagined the soundtrack of the commercial using a music library by the name of APM MUSIC.  We chose the song Turn the Lights Up (Version A). The song has the same upbeat/sexy feel with a dynamic sense of style and relax. This new song also provides something that the original song does not, lyrics talking about “wanting the lights off” which are very suggestive and classy at the same time. This song will also decrease the price of the overall production by a lot since, in order to use the song, based on the placement, it would be only around $10 thousand for the sync deal.

Check out the REIMAGINED choice below:

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