13 Reasons Why – REIMAGINED


13 Reasons Why is a teenage drama first aired on March of 2017. With an amazing production team including creator Brian Yorkey and executive producer Selena Gomez, the Netflix show became extremely popular as it told the story of a girl who, after her tragic suicide, left a series of cassette tapes in which she explained the 13 reasons why she decided to take her own life. Every tape focuses on a specific character of the show and how they impacted Hannah’s (the main character) life for the better or for the worst, ultimately leading to her tragic loss.

The soundtrack of the show is full of extremely good songs, both made or found for specific scenes of the show with a very 80’s but modern vibe. The importance of the music in the show cannot be emphasized enough since every song describes the internal conflicts of the characters and they support the feelings transmitted by Hannah in their respective tapes.

The mastermind behind this soundtrack is music supervisor Season Kent, also known for her work in other productions such as The Fault in Our Stars and Suicide Squad. In Spotify’s podcast Showstopper, Season describes herself as a teenager in the body of an adult because her work is extremely teenage oriented and in order to do such a great job she has to connect with the audience as if she, herself, was one of them.

Among the multiple incredible songs chosen by Kent, there is one specific song that became iconic, not only because it is a great song but because it was used in two key scenes in the show. The first time the song was used was during a school dance where Hannah and Clay (who crushed on Hannah) danced to it. Because of this, the song became “their song”. The second time this specific song is heard is a year later, in another school dance after Hannah’s death. In this scene, all the characters go to the dancefloor to support Clay as he was inconsolable due to the memories that the song brought back.

The original selection for these scenes was the song The Night We Met by Lord Huron (2015 // IAMSOUND Records). The song’s lyrics reference the night when Hannah and Clay met and it has a melancholic tone which allows the scene to transmit sadness. REIMAGINED has selected a different song for this scene which was made by an unsigned artist and has the potential of lowering the costs of production. Our choice is Jellybean’s Graduation Song by Cub Sport (2017 // Cub Sport). This song is a little different but fits the scene extremely well. It has a stronger beat in comparison to Lord Huron’s song, however, it sounds like a song that teenagers would dance to at a school prom. At the same time, its lyrics reference the possibility of Clay re-meeting Hannah since Clay has yet to accept the fact that she is no longer alive and he is partially responsible for some of the things that happened to her.

REIMAGINED recognizes that it is extremely hard to picture a new song in a scene when it is been written about, and because of this, we are trying something different. We have actually recreated the scene (to the best of our abilities) in order to compare the impact of both songs.

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