Apple’s iPhone XR Commercial – REIMAGINED

This time, we have decided to do something a little different and instead of taking a TV show or a movie, we have chosen to change the music of a commercial of one of the most iconic brands in history. We selected one of Apple’s most recent commercials introducing its new product the iPhone XR (Oct 2018) and we have changed the musical background. However, we gave it a small twist that we will be explaining in a second.

First, let’s talk about the original music of the commercial (which you can check out here). Apple is known for not only making incredibly friendly products that have become the standard in the industry but also for its insane marketing campaigns which include amazing audio-visual content to advertise their products. Most of these content is produced in-house using collaborations with various artists who get exposure and recognition aside from sync and performance royalties.

The XR’s commercial uses the song Loyal by ODESZA in order to transmit a sentiment of greatness with a hint of “epic” and also “iconic”. The song was released on September of 2018 (a month before the commercial was originally released) and it was put out through Foreign Family Collective (record label) under exclusive license to Ninja Tune (bigger record label). The song’s BPM is 70 which suggests calmness as it is the lower end of the resting heart rate, however, the mix provided by the artists allows the user to concentrate on the different features of the product and makes it more attractive.

Our choice of song was based on different criteria this time, instead of trying to create the same feeling through another song, we are attempting to make the commercial more suitable for the Latin market using a song with Spanish lyrics. In this case, we have chosen TODOS CON EL CELU by LOUTA (you can check out the REIMAGINED version of the commercial here). LOUTA is an Argentinian singer, songwriter, and producer who got signed by SONY Music in 2018. This song is part of his first LP under a major label and has a pure electronic-alternative vibe. The lyrics of the song translate to “everyone with the phone” which fits perfectly the intents of Apple while giving a comedic tone to the commercial without making fun of it. In Latin America, more energy and Latin rhythms are highly recognizable and preferred and LOUTA manages to add both of these elements together in the song. This can be compared to Sofi Tukker’s Best Friend which was used in another Apple commercial a few years back. TODOS CON EL CELU is mostly instrumental and with 133 BPM it has an accelerator effect which generates excitement and dynamism, perfect for the commercial. At the same time, with LOUTA being a newly signed artist, it is likely that the costs of using the song will be lower than ODESZA since they are a more established act.

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