We Are Your Friends – Reimagined


We Are Your Friends (2015) is a movie directed by Max Joseph that tells the story of a young DJ, Cole Carter (Zac Efron), who struggles to find gigs for himself at small clubs until one day he meets James Reed (Wes Bentley), a superstar DJ who offers him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Randall Poster and Niki Roberton, as music supervisors, are the geniuses behind the soundtrack of the movie which includes songs like I Can Be Somebody by Deorro and Erin McCarley, and Define by Dom Dolla and Go Freek. The clear EDM vibe of the movie required Poster and Roberton to find DJs and producers who were relevant at the time the movie came out as well as songs that transmitted the feelings of every scene. They did an amazing job creating the musical environment that allowed the movie to reach a broad fanbase. However, since new music and artists have emerged since the release, REIMAGINED has taken the liberty to make some changes to the original soundtrack to adapt it to the music of 2018:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/12164397906/playlist/3rmtR00X3zpKjAPsRkbG8P?si=GsWlEAMTSv–d2DGm73L9g
1. Original song: We Are Your Friends by Justice & Simian (2002). In this scene, Cole and his friends are promoting one of his gigs at a club where James Reed will be headlining. The song originally selected includes lyrics that allude to the title of the movie which is a great choice. We can agree that it was the best choice for the scene.
2. Original song: Ah Yeah So What by Will Sparks, Wiley & Elen Levon. In this scene, Cole and his friends are getting ready and pre-gaming before his gig at the club. The song chosen has a really fun and funky rhythm with a build-up that creates the feeling of a night out about to happen. Our choice: Save the Rave by Tommie Sunshine, MureKian & Sabrina Sings. This song has a fun and energetic beat with an emotional break in between that grants space for Cole’s friend’ emotional dialog and ends with a drop that fits their entrance to the club.
3. Original song: You Know You Like It Tchami Remix. In this scene, the boys are dancing at the club which is why the song fits perfectly in terms of base and energy. Our choice: One Kiss Oliver Heldens Remix. This remix takes a very popular song and adds a deep base to it which allows it to be a clubby song.
4. Original song: Define by Dom Dolla & Go Freek. This is the part of the movie where Cole spots a girl in the club and naively flirts with her without knowing they would soon meet again. Our choice: Say My Name Remix by ODESZA, Cedric Gervais & Zyra. This song’s lyrics fit the “romantic” scene without overpowering the dialog the characters are having which is the main focus of the exchange. At the same time, it provides enough energy that there is an intense focus on the club and what is happening around.
5. Original song: See You on the Other Side by Pyramid. This is where Cole’s trip really starts, once he agrees to go to a party with Reed and he accidentally mixes drugs and alcohol. Our choice: Magnum Mix Cut Dubvision by Hardwell. This song allows the scene to have some depth without taking away the focus from the visuals. Its instrumental nature generates a wavy trip with ups and downs as the movie requires.
6. Original song: Sister Saviour DFA DUB by The Rapture mashed with Pushing On by Oliver $ & Jimi Jules, transition into Songs Remind Me Of You by Annie and I Think I Like It by Fake Blood. In this scene, Cole is explaining the way DJs operate in order to make the people dance. This is why the song is extremely important and it will need to be played with as the scene goes on. Our choice: a complementary mix between It Happens by Jack Black, Cuentitos (Instrumental) by LOUTA, and Feel Good by Felix Jaehn & Mike Williams.
7. Original song: Younger Kygo Remix . In this scene, the characters head to a music festival in Las Vegas after having a chill night. Our choice: Just You and I by Druu & Holi T. Because of the sentiment of “YOLO” and “we aren’t getting any younger” given by the scenes, this song is a good fit since it transmits the nostalgic feeling being portrayed.
8. Original song: made for the film. In this scene, the group is entering the festival. Our choice: Bella Ciao Hardwell Mix Cut. This song, aside from being extremely popular, also has spaces for the different levels of the scene to take place. From the suspense of them going through the entrance to the success moment when they are all reunited in the back. It also provides a really fun and energetic beat to portray the festival feel.
9. Original song: Desire Gryffin Remix. This scene is romantic and shows the flirt and the “desire” they have for each other. Our choice: Like I Do by David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks. The lyrics of the song compliment the romance being shared by the scene while keeping the beat and the festival feeling yet isolating the couple.
10. Original song: Desire Gryffin Remix. Although it is a continuation from the last scene, this scene transmits something much deeper and intimate which is why think splitting them is appropriate. Our choice: Body by Loud Luxury & Brando. This song not only transmits the “desire” but also the wait and built-up expectations from the audience.
11. Original song: I like Thu by Carnage ft I LOVE MAKONNEN. The song in this scene is background music, however, it helps set the tone for the club environment in which the characters are. Our choice: Taste by Tyga & Offset. This song alludes to money and power which fits the scene really well.
12. Original song: BlackOut by The Americanos, Lil Jon, Jucy J & Tyga. In this scene, the four friends throw a house-warming party and go all out. Our choice: BOOM by Tiesto & Gucci Mane. This song not only has a really good/dark base which allows for the scene to show the intensity of the party but its lyrics also add to the whole environment.
13. Original song: I Can Be Somebody by Deorro & Erin McCarley. This scene is the final scene of the movie and it happens right after Cole plays his first set at a big music festival. Our choice: Fun Wild by Hardwell. This song not only has extremely inspirational lyrics but also generates the feeling of release and freedom that Cole is transmitting.

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